A Few Surprise Gift Ideas For The 25th Wedding Anniversary

When the special bond of wedding reaches 25 years of commitment and constant adoration for each other, it should be celebrated in a fully fledged form. Generally, a couple who have been together for 25 years are likely to be proud parents or grandparents. Even if they are not, it is a duty of their closest ones to remind them of their togetherness and the special bond they share. Nothing can be better than throwing them a surprise party with lots of gifts, Champagne, and their favorite cuisines. Even if they are a bit introverted, you can always arrange for a private dine out so that they get to spend some quality time with each other like the old days. As a child or a close friend, you can go through the following list of delightful surprises to arrange a perfect celebration for the couple.

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Surprise Party

Make a group of your closest relatives and friends so that they do not feel awkward at the sudden gathering. Order some snacks or a complete meal for the couple depending on their individual preferences. Call an alcohol delivery service and order the best Champagne in the town. If they do not drink, order it for toasting their years of togetherness and share the drink among yourselves. That would be fun, right? You can also send them out for a movie and decorate their place in their absence to make the perfect ambiance for a candle light dinner. They would surely love it!

No Silver Jubilee Anniversary celebration is complete without surprise gifts. Make the couple feel special and celebrated with a beautiful gift that cherishes their togetherness in an unspoken language. Here’s a list of such gifts that are bound to make them feel on top of cloud nine.

A “Then” And “Now” Silver Photo Frame
This is something wondrous to remind them of all the beautiful moments they have spent with each other. It is best to gift them the photo frame including the images. Select two of the most amazing photos from their social media collection or anywhere else and frame them up. It will be a splendid surprise.

Heart Shaped Trinket Box

Apparently simple, this gift goes a long way to enhance their bond. They can keep their car keys or house keys in the box, which symbolizes their love and togetherness. You can get such gifts from any service provider for gift delivery in Canada. Just let them know in advance what you want and they will deliver it to your doorstep.

Music Box With Message Engraved On The Top

Another vintage style gift, it is best suited for anniversary purposes. The 25 years of togetherness cannot be celebrated any better. Ask a reputed gift delivery serviceman to get this one for you.
If it is your Mom and Dad, you can gift them a collage of all their special moments along with your birth and that of your siblings, if any. It will remind them of their journey together and make them remember it for the rest of their lives, even when they grow really old and their memories start to fade.

Make it special for the couple. Be there, congratulate them personally and make them smile on their special day. They deserve it. What better way to do that besides gifting them lots of happy moments with their family members and closest friends?

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