All You Must Know About Pizza Eating Habits And Personality

Have you ever given a thought to what your characteristic way of eating Pizza may say about you, as a character? Of course, no! Well, who thinks anything when devouring a slice of Pizza, right? But the famous body language and human behavior expert, Patti Wood has. She has not only noticed the different ways in which people eat their slices but also studied them carefully to get an idea about their personality types. Her observational analysis is based on the theories of William Moulton Marston, the famous American psychologist who revealed that there are four basic types of behavioral traits known as dominance, submission, inducement, and compliance.

That’s really something!

You may be wondering, “Who on Earth even think while eating Pizza!”

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Yeah! That’s right. Nobody does. And, therefore they are quite at ease and completely natural when devouring that slice of delicacy. According to psychologists, it becomes easier to study someone’s personality when they are in their own natural form. Hence, Pizza eating habits do reveal what we are, from inside. Want to know more about yourself? Scroll down then.

Folding The Slice

People who fold a slice of Pizza to gobble it down hastily are “Drivers”. They care less about the flavor and more about the work they have in hand. Hence, they multitask, eat and drive or, eat and work or even, eat and read or talk on their mobile phones. These people are quite adventurous in nature. They get bored easily, they hate sitting idle and they are never afraid of taking risks. The drivers love to take charge, break traditions to set new trends that enhance productivity. Wow! Have you ever thought of that?

Eating The Crust First

These people love to do things their own way. They are “Influencers” who drink lives to the lees. They are different, those “round pegs in the square holes” that Steve Jobs acknowledged. Coming to their behavioral traits, the influencers enjoy the attention. Sometimes, they do things just to garner a lot of attention from the onlookers. They talk loud, they laugh loud and they are way dramatic than their peers.

Cutting The Slices With A Fork And A Knife

Yes! These people exist. They take a lot of time to cut out a single slice and devour it carefully, slowly. The “Supporters” or so they are called, are completely different from the drivers in that they are never in a hurry to finish their plate as if they have all the time in the world. These people take life in a relaxed and conservative manner. You can always expect them to abide by the table manners when dining. They love the system and are accustomed to its rigidities. In short, the Supporters are perfect obeyers.

Just Biting It

People who do not take much time to decide how they are going to eat their Pizza and just start with a bite anywhere are “Correctors”. They love to do only those things that they are comfortable doing. They go by their knowledge to get predictable results. Even when choosing the toppers, they are unlikely to try anything new.

It is amazing how the way you are eating Pizza shows what type of person you are. So, the next time you order a Pizza delivery in Calgary, remember what you are and see if it matches the aforementioned observations. Let us know later what you found. If there is any exception, which is quite common, you can share with us.However, try to enjoy your Pizza too. Have a great day!

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