Few Important Facts About Wine Glasses and Their Effects

Have you ever tried drinking wine in a coffee mug?
Well, there is no harm in it, only, you will experience a very different taste from the wine served in popular bars and parties. There is a reason why specific wine glasses are made by reputable manufacturers and there is also a reason why wine enthusiasts invest quite a lump sum on various types of stemware. Wine glasses influence the taste of the drink to a great extent. So, if you want to experience the subtle flavors and aromas of different types of wine, it is best to invest in some high-quality glassware made specifically for them. Even if you are lacking in resources, it is advisable to buy at least one pair of quality stemware to enhance the taste of your favorite drink.

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The Purpose of Tasting Wine in Different Types of Wine Glasses

Each wine glass is meant for a particular type of drink. It is suggested not to drink Sauvignon in a Chardonnay glass and vice versa. And, of course, you cannot even imagine sipping wine from a coffee mug unless all you care about is getting drunk and not experiencing the true taste. The right knowledge of wine glasses can alter your tasting experience to a great extent. These days, people have the habit of ordering their favorite drink from online service providers for wine delivery in Calgary without having adequate knowledge regarding the type of glass they need to buy along with it. And, they suffer from buyer’s remorse later. You can keep such problems at bay by gaining an insight into the purpose of buying separate wine glasses for ultimate satisfaction.

The Aroma Depends on the Type of Vessel It is Served in

According to a study by a Japanese medical group in February 2015, the ethanol vapors exuded by a glass of wine showed different patterns when photographed in different types of glassware. These ethanol vapors carried the wine aromas that alters when poured into non-identical glasses. Furthermore, the aeration varies when the drink is poured into glasses having long or short stems, wide mouths or narrow mouths and so on. You need to do some research to understand what type of glass is best suited for which particular wine. Let’s discuss that in details.

Types of Wine Glasses and Their Role in Augmenting the Flavor

White Wine glasses have smaller bowls intended to preserve the aroma, enhance it by bringing the wine closer to your nose and maintain the temperature of the wine. On the other hand, Red Wine glasses have a larger surface area to let the ethanol evaporate. They also reduce the bitterness of tannin to deliver a smoother experience. A few more interesting facts about these glasses have been given in the following points:

1. Sparkling Wine should be served in long stem glasses

2. Dessert Wine tastes the best in glasses with short stems

3. Glasses with long stems, short bowls, and a little tapering are suitable for serving Rose Wines like Pinot Noir, Sauvignon and etc.

4. There are some all-purpose glassware that suits all types of wines. If you have a restrained budget, keep them in stock for sipping any type of wine.

5. You can also buy stemless wine glasses to reduce the chances of damage.

Now that you have some idea regarding the different types of glasses used to serve wine, you can offer your guests as well as yourself a better experience. So, the next time you order your drink from a Calgary wine delivery service provider, make sure you have the right type of stemware to enjoy its flavor to the fullest.

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