Fun Facts about Beer Bottle Openers That You Should Know

What is that thing?
Hanging idly on the wall,
Ignored and forgotten?
You never feel its importance
Never consider it essential
Except when smitten
By the smell of liquor
Because without its help
The way to pleasure is blocked
Yes! The bottle opener is that ignored one
Unless you have a bottle to pop!

Yes, we ignore it; we consider it unnecessary, except when we have a bottle to open and revel in the liquor ecstasy. Then it becomes one of the most important parts of our lives, our best friend. But, do you know this bottle opener has an interesting history, no less intriguing than the history of Beer. Without wasting any more time, let us shed some light on the birth of our dear friend – The Bottle Opener!

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Few Interesting Facts about Bottle Openers

•  The first ever screw off cap was introduced not before the 1850s. Before that, the bottles were sealed with cork stoppers or wooden alternatives.

•  Also, some Beer brewers used porcelain stoppers and wire bail to seal liquor bottles.

•  But after that, William Painter designed the crown cork stopper and patented his design in 1892. The traditional design was a simple metal cap crimped over the bottle opening.

•  2 years later, he also introduced the Church Key cap lifter to remove the Crown Cork and patented it. That was the first ever bottle opener to be invented and used.

• In the early 1900s, the selling and consumption of liquor increased drastically, all because of inventing the cork and the lifter.

• With time hygiene and health factors were enhanced and, more and more companies started manufacturing uniquely designed bottle openers. No one ever guessed before that inventing this simple yet powerful technique could establish such a successful business.

• Ultimately, the wall-mounted cork opener was invented in 1952.

Types of Bottle Openers

As bottle openers became popular, several derivatives of the simple Church key opener were introduced. A few of those have been described below:

Pop Top Bottle Openers

It used the same principle as that of the Church Key opener. But, it looked a bit different, consisting of a metal loop and a handle. The open lips were hooked under the edge of the Crown Cork, after which, a slight upward pressure on the metal handle brought the cork out of the bottle. They found their use in a variety of places like a garage, the domestic kitchen table and in the tool box. No doubt, it was really useful.

Wall-Mounted Cork Openers

The invention of wall-mounted bottle openers in the middle of the 20th century created quite a stir in the liquor industry. No more did people carry or misplace the small cork openers that were in vogue before the invention of this new type. This simple piece was designed to b hung on the wall and the Beer bottles were uncorked with a single hand.

Cast-Iron Bottle Openers

These were fashionable items that imitated diverse shapes and forms to enhance their aesthetic appearance. Although these were simple cork openers but, who could tell that by looking at them?

Multi-Taskers and Key Chain Openers

These are totally modern bottle openers that people carry around with them. Either they are attached to a key ring or they have multiple purposes with the help of adjoining items like small knives, nail cutters and etc.

Thus you see how our little friend slowly evolved to be an important part of our lives? The next time you order a Calgary Beer delivery from a reputable service provider, make sure you have your friend at home. Otherwise, the drink in the bottle will keep on enticing you but, you will be unable to appease your taste buds with its ecstatic flavour. Hence, stay prepared!

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