How To Recognize The Differences Between Calzone and Stromboli

Generally, when you have made up your mind for Pizza, no other option seems to replace the delight and happy feeling associated with it. But, two of Pizza’s cousin sisters seem to appease your palate in the same way. They are Calzone and Stromboli. These two delicacies can be a suitable replacement for that delicious mouthful of cheese meat and Broccoli. However, most people are not able to distinguish between the two as the same ingredients are used as well as the same Italian Pizza bread. However, the truth is, these are two different cuisines, considered equally tasty and equally effective in satisfying your stomach. Now, let us ponder the differences between the two so the next time you order one of them, you know exactly what you are going to be served.

What is a Calzone?

 Originated in the 18th century in Naples, Italy, Calzone served as a snack that you could have while traveling. There was no hard and fast rule that you need to sit down and cut it with a knife and a fork instead of eating it like a piece of sandwich. This was the main reason why Calzone grew in popularity.

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On the plate, these are crescent moon-shaped food items that are stuffed with a variety of cheese, meat, and veggies, just like a Pizza. The only difference is, the ends are closed, unlike Pizza. It seems more like a peculiar-shaped stuffed sandwich that tastes a lot like its cousin sister Pizza. This is mainly because of the reason that they have the same ingredients namely, mozzarella, tomato sauce, mushrooms, onions, ricotta, and pepper. All these ingredients are folded into the characteristic crescent moon shape and baked.

In Italy, you can get a Calzone from both the street vendors as well as in the high-end restaurants. Sometimes, they are preferred more than Pizzas as you can have them while commuting. So, if you are in a hurry, you can easily order a Calzone from a service provider for Pizza Delivery in Calgary, and appease your hunger. Generally, the people who provide freshly baked Pizzas can also arrange for a Calzone.

Now, What is a Stromboli?

 A Stromboli is more akin to a sandwich than a Pizza. The Ingredients are Italian meat, cheese, and veggies for health conscious foodies. All these ingredients are rolled into a loaf and baked. So, the main difference between a Calzone and a Stromboli is their shape. The former has a crescent moon shape whereas the latter looks like a rolled Pizza. Another difference between the two lies in the way the sauce is served. In Calzone, it is served at the sides and in Stromboli, it is served inside or slathered on the top.

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Unlike Pizza and Calzone, the Stromboli did not originate in Italy. In fact, it is unclear exactly how and where this particular food item came into being. Some say the idea was derived from the film Stromboli, starring Ingrid Bergman in Washington, while some hold that it originated in the 1950s in Philadelphia. Irrespective of its origins, this delicacy is widely popular over the world because of its taste and inherent simplicity. You can also prepare it at home if you have the right ingredients.

The next time you order Pizza from a reputable Pizza Delivery in Calgary, make it a point to inquire about Calzone or Stromboli. If they have it, you can get one and taste the difference.

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