Know The Health Benefits of Champagne & Drink In Moderation

Champagne is synonymous with celebrations as merry markers are often seen soaking each other with the froth after opening the ‘bottle of bubbly’. You might have seen winners in sports tournaments, especially in F1 car racing championships, splashing the podium besides each other with the good old fizzy drink. That Champagne is associated with party time has been well accepted as a part of lore but many of us are not aware that the fizzy drink has many health benefits as well. Yes, you have read it right! Champagne is not only about merry making or to be given as a gift but is beneficial to our health as well akin to a medicine. Let’s found out how.

Benefits Memory Retention:

Research has found out that moderate consumption of Champagne might have a role in improving the cognitive ability and spatial awareness (the ability to recognize our surroundings) in us. According to the findings, the types of red grapes used in making Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier have compounds that can help in improving memory retention. Importantly, the drink can help ward off the onset of dementia or memory loss especially in older people. These findings have been attributed to Dr. Jeremy Spencer of the Reading University. So, hitting the bubbly in moderation can be good after all.

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Beneficial to the Heart:

Again, according to Dr. Jeremy Spencer of Reading University, polyphenols (active anti oxidant compounds) present in Champagne specially made from red grapes have a beneficial effect on the walls of your blood vessels similar to red wine. This can help to reduce life threatening strokes and heart disease, besides lowering the blood pressure and bad cholesterol. This does not, however, mean you should increase your intake of the bubbly but ought to keep it at moderate levels only. Remember! Too much of anything is bad and that goes for the benign drink of champagne as well.

Beneficial to the Skin:

Champagne is not only about having anti oxidants only, which is a great thing to have otherwise, but contains tartaric acid and compounds with anti bacterial properties as well. The sum total of having a cocktail of anti oxidants, tartaric acid and compounds with anti bacterial properties in the drink means helping you to get a good skin tone and texture. Again, moderation is the key here.

Mood Enhancer:

The presence of micro nutrients like potassium, magnesium, and zinc in Champagne can help to lift your mood. So, the next time around when you feel morose or down just take a peg or two from your favourite tipple.

Enhance Sex Drive:

Champagne gets quickly absorbed into the blood stream as compared to other alcoholic drinks. This means it can enhance your mood quickly without sapping the energy, thus capable of enhancing the sex drive.

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Champagne is known all over the world as a drink that is used to celebrate success. However, its many health benefits on memory, heart, skin, mood etc can give you more the reason to hit the bubbly.

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