Merry-making With Beer, the Perfect Drink For Revelry

Thinking of getting a bit tipsy? Want a drink that quenches your thirst with a minimum hangover? Then simply grab a bottle of beer. Also referred to as ‘liquor bread’, beer is a popular drink that dates back to ancient times and is known to be one of the choicest drinks that suits every occasion. So, be it at a friends’ gathering or the setting of a picnic, savouring the taste of beer is never a hassle. This widely acclaimed drink is available in a number of variants like American Ale, Porter, Rye Ale, Stout, and Bock among others.

Needless to say, all the above mentioned variants come in different flavours, colours and tastes to suit your swinging mood and the need to destress. So, should you want to have a beer that is strong and granular, select Abbey or if you desire something that is spicy and tangy, then choose Rye Ale. Similarly, if your heart cries for that fruity aroma with a creamy top layer, then Bitter Ale is the right choice.

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Which Beer Will You Select?

Consuming beer usually depends on factors such as time, place and occasion. It is a known fact that serving beer is much more appropriate in a family or gathering of friends rather than at a corporate party (although not unheard of.) Again, the type of beer taken before or after a meal can be different – for example, a fresh or bitter beer before taking your meal or a heavy or sweet type after the meal.

Beer, According to Seasons

It is obvious that the type of beer you choose on a hot summer afternoon does not fit into the scheme of things when it comes to a cold winter night. There are various types of beers that you can opt for in the summer season like Old Ale, Eisbok, Wassail and others. These also suffice as a good gift option. The other variants that can be chosen in the winter season are Porter, Scotch Ale, Amber Ale and Brown Ale. Importantly, the beer consumed in winter have an alcohol content that is 2% higher than the ones consumed in summer. Sounds interesting? For the Spring and Fall seasons, you can also opt for variants such as Dopplebock, Porter, Amber Ale and Schwarzbier. Moreover, to increase your appetite, you can choose India Pale Ale or Lambic; post- dinner Brown Ale or British Bitters should help in digestion; and to induce sleep, Old Ale and Eisbok should suffice.

Is Drinking Beer Beneficial For Your Health? Yes It Is!

Many have wondered what could be the advantages of having beer since it contains alcohol? Research has shown that beer is a rich source of the Vitamin B group and Magnesium with powerful anti-oxidant properties. Besides, drinking beer in moderation can reduce coronary heart disease by promoting good cholesterol (HDL). It also reduces the chances of developing kidney stones, stroke, diabetes, cancer and lastly, helps to boost mental health.

Conclusion: Drinking moderate amounts of beer can be beneficial to your health. So, should you want to de stress or enjoy that perfect fun and frolic with your loved ones, beer is the drink you must go for. With its added advantages and plenty of variants to choose from, this beverege surely fulfills all your requirements without complaints. And should beer be your choice of drink in the City of Calgary, Canada, then feel free to contact Calgary Beer Delivery services.

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