The Winemaker’s Guide – How To make Red Wine From Grapes?

To a wine enthusiast, it is, perhaps, the most satisfying feeling in the whole world – the feeling of growing grapes, harvesting them and making exquisite wine from them at home. However, the task is not as easy as it sounds. You have to invest a lot of time, resources and energy into this endeavor. However, when you touch your lips on the wine glass filled with exquisite red wine, all your hard work is going to pay off and you will experience ecstasy. So, let us cut the chitchat and get down to the point.

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How To make Red Wine From Grapes

Step 1
The first and foremost thing will be to grow some grapes; not just any grape but the variety that will ensure high-quality wine both in terms of taste as well as aroma. Growing grapes requires both time and patience. The vines will start producing grapes after three years and during that period, you have to take maximum care of them by pruning and mulching to ensure a good yield. Some patience, right? Just keep on thinking about the end product and you will feel inspired to carry on with the task.

Step 2
Once the vine starts producing, your job will be to harvest the grapes. It needs to be mentioned here that the grapes should taste sweet, ripe and a little acidic. Collect only those which do not feel soft or seem rotten.

Step 3
Now that you have sorted the good grapes, they need to be de-stemmed and crushed manually or with the help of tools. The pressed grape juice is called Must and it contains parts of the grape skin, seeds, and stems. For White Wine, the Must is quickly pressed to get rid of these extras while in the case of Red Wine, these are left intact to acquire the characteristic color, flavor, and other tannins.

Step 4
After being crushed and pressed, the grape juice needs to be fermented. You can either ferment it naturally with wild Yeast in the air, or you can add commercially cultured Yeast to accelerate the process. Fermentation is required to convert the sugar into alcohol and produce the dry wine. This process takes about 10 days to a month or even more.
Again, keep patience!

Step 5
Once the sugar is converted into alcohol, you should separate the wine from the dead cells and other solids and store it in a barrel or a tank. Then, you should clarify the wine through fining and filtration.

Step 6
The last stage of any wine making process is aging and bottling where, yes! You have to keep patience again.
However, you can always bottle the wine without adding extra years to it but, it is recommended to do otherwise. Aging in oak barrels helps increase exposure to oxygen, decrease tannin, and enhance the fruitiness. Now, you may bottle the wine with a cork or a screw cap, depending on your specific choice and preferences.

Now, if you are already sitting on your couch, head in hands, no worries! You can keep the wine making endeavor on wait until you are completely prepared to take the responsibility. Till then, order a bottle of exquisite wine from a reputable service provider for wine delivery in Calgary and revel in its taste and aroma. That will not be any less than the satisfaction of making your own wine from grapes.

Have a great day! 

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