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Liquor Delivery Calgary offers chilled and fine quality beer delivery Calgary. We deliver all types of beer such as: ale, abbey, American ale, bitter ale, brown ale, barley wine, India pale ale (IPA), Irish red ale, porter, stout, weizenbier, lagers, American lager, bock, Oktoberfest, pilsner, altbier, biere de garde, Kölsch, lambic, rauchbier and rye ale

Types of Beer We Serve:

  • Ales - The ales are mostly voluminous, with rich taste and a great quantity of esters in them that create a fruity taste and fragrance
  • Abbey – This is a strong beer with lots of specialty grains in it. The flavor is a little malty.
  • American ale – These remind of its European counterparts. Available in various forms namely: amber, cream, brown and wheat.
  • Barley wine – Another strong one with a volume. It is dry, moderately bitter and tastes strongly like malt. Barley wine needs to be aged from at least 6 months to many years.
  • Bitter ale – Old-school, English beer with a fruity aroma, moderate volume, creamy upper layer and low level of carbonation.
  • Brown ale – It is mildly hops flavored, a little bitter, with slight hints of nut and chocolate and a deep copper color.
  • IPA or India pale ale – Crisp, hoppy and fruity essence in amber or golden tone.
  • Irish red ale – Has a flavor of caramel, malt and butter. Dark colored and not as hoppy as its English counterpart.
  • Porter – With color dark brown to black, moderately bitter taste, malty sweetness, this one needs to be aged several months before enjoying
  • Stout – Has a strong volume and moderate to potent hops flavor. Color is blackish and has a popular 'roasty' taste
  • Weizenbier – Nicely carbonated, Belgian Weizenbier comes with a spicy taste but American and German varieties do not.
  • Lagers – With no fruity essence and a very light, dry and crisp body, lagers come in various types such as American, Bock, Oktoberfest and Pilsner.
  • American lagers – They could be watery or pale, with a moderately bitter-malty taste.
  • Bock - It has creamy, chocolaty and malty essence with a dash of bitterness.
  • Oktoberfest - Medium volume, nicely carbonated, subdued bitterness, toasty essence and malty flavor.
  • Pilsner – Pale colored, subdued malty flavor, often come with caramel essence and a striking bitterness.
  • Altbier – Medium volume, dry, malty, noticeable hop bitterness, copper or bronze in color.
  • Biere de Garde – Mild malty essence, spicy aroma and golden, sometimes reddish bronze color. The alcohol content is pretty high.
  • Kölsch – Comes from Germany. Bears resemblances to Pilsner in terms of color, taste, texture and flavor.
  • Lambic – Has a unique sour taste and oak flavor which matches that of wine. Made by mixing fresh beer with aged beer or fruits like cherry, raspberry, currant and peach.
  • Rauchbier – Has a smoked malt-like flavor, dark copper colored.
  • Rye ale – Comes with a spicy, tangy flavor and a subtle bitterness.

Whatever may be your choice from our huge collection, Liquor Delivery Calgary will bring it to you wherever in Calgary you want. Contact us to place your order.