6 Cocktail Drinks to Cool Your Mind and Body This Summer


Are you afraid of the scorching heat that tags along with summer? Well, you can take it to your stride by sipping some refreshing cocktails. With a glass of drink in your hand, you will be able to soak in all the vitamin D quite effortlessly. However, to make tasty cocktails, you need to your lay hand on some quality liquors. When it comes to top-class liquors, you cannot help but choose the reliable liquor delivery services in Calgary. From whiskey, vodka, and gin to rum, cognac, and tequila, the delivery man will bring your pick at your doorstep. Here, we have listed the top 5 cocktails you can prepare with fine quality liquors. So, let us get started.

1. Cocktail with fresh gin and basil- Looking for a simple yet classy cocktail recipe? We have it hand-picked for you. You need gin, fresh lemon juice, and basil to make the refreshing drink. Drop in the ingredients with some ice cubes into the shaker. After a quick mix, your cocktail shall be ready to be savored. You can treat your dear ones with this tangy refresher and help them stay charged up through the season.

2. Rye whiskey and raspberry syrup- Do you like the spicy flavor of rye whiskey? There is no harm in mixing a bit of sweetness into it. Try adding a few drops of raspberry syrup for giving a pleasant spicy-cum-sweet flavor to the drink. Are you drooling already? Preparing this amazingly delicious cocktail requires no more than a few minutes. You sure can put in that little effort to relish the cool taste for a long time.

3. Pear puree with rum- You can experiment with the taste of rum by infusing some generous amount of pear puree into the liquor. Should you want the tasty dose of mint, simply muddle some of those leaves. With this enchanting drink, you will feel all refreshed and beat the summer heat. However, make sure that you call liquor delivery services in Calgary to get the rum in the first place.

4. Strawberry and mint with vodka- What is a summer season without fresh strawberries? Combine your favorite fruit with vodka, the fine spirit, for your cocktail party this weekend. Add the syrup derived from muddled strawberries to get a soothing red color of your drink. For some additional freshness, drop in some crushed mint leaves. This drink is going to look and taste good for any vibrant pool party.

5. Pineapple-coco syrup-tequila- If the mention of “tequila” gets you all excited, get ready to prepare a super fascinating cocktail with it. The smoky flavor of this liquor syncs in well with the cocoa syrup and pineapple juice. You sure know who to call for the top quality tequila, don’t you? With the liquor delivery Calgary at your service, you do not have to look beyond. Count on their swift service to get your order within time.

Conclusion- Summer can no more give you a hard time for you can savor amazing drinks to keep the heat at bay. You can take your pick from the above-listed cocktails as per your taste and liking. So, be unafraid to embrace the sunshine.


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