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7 Cocktail Drinks You Cannot Afford to Miss in This Spring


When the chills of winter give way to the brightness of spring, we breathe a sigh of relief. After all, everyone waits for this part of the year when the weather is milder and hanging out with friends outdoors is once again a feasible activity. And when you talk about partying, you certainly cannot forget the drinks, can you? To order that favorite drink of yours, call up the services of liquor delivery in Calgary. All you got to do is to pick your phone up and place your order. As they offer doorstep delivery services, you are not even required to step out of your house. Yes, pal. It is that easy! Be fearless in creating some absolutely fascinating cocktail drinks. Haven’t got a clue of the recipes?? That is what we are here for. Find below some easiest recipes that will produce the tastiest cocktails for your spring party.

1. Lemon Lavender Drop- To embrace the season on a sweet note, start off with the lemon lavender drop. Add some generous drops of lavender juice into the lemon vodka to prepare this cocktail. For any occasion, whether it a lavish party or a simple brunch, the flavorful drink syncs in perfectly well with any big or small celebration.

2. Pineapple-basil drink- Planning to twist the Irish whiskey you have just ordered with liquor and beer delivery service in Calgary? Then, shake it up with pineapple juice. If you crave a bit of sourness, be unhesitant to drop in some lemon juice as well. Sounds fascinating already? It is going to taste even better. So, go ahead and try out the recipe.

3. April Rain- Here you have another super easy cocktail recipe for your spring party. With only three ingredients- vodka, lime juice and dry vermouth in hand, you can create the refreshing drink. Do you want to enjoy some quality time alone? Make sure you savor the taste of April Rain to feel free from every stress of life.

4. Tequila and Tamarind- To pump up the party mood in the springtime, there could be no better cocktail than this one. The liquor delivery service shall bring for you the best tequila from its store. It is now your work to infuse that tangy tamarind nectar juice into the liquor. And your party cocktail is ready to be relished.

5. Cape Samurai- How about spicing it up a little bit? Do not look beyond the cape samurai then. The importance of garlic slices takes the center-stage in this recipe, so drop them in into the vodka. You could some bits of rose syrup to cut out the extra spiciness. By serving this amusing cocktail, you are going to catch your guests off guard for sure.

6. Raspberry beer- If you have a sweet tooth, you are going to like this refreshing drink. Stir the muddled raspberries in the beer and you are good to go for a springtime party. The pleasant color produced by concoction is eye-soothing, to say the least. Wondering where to procure the beer from? With the beer delivery service Calgary in place, you have nothing to get all panicked about.

7. Ginger mint cocktail- Another ginger-cantered cocktail recipe is here for you. Improvise the beer you just got by adding ginger juices. Of course, you got to add those mint leaves to let the mojito flavor settle into the drink. The fine taste synchronization among these ingredients is simply tempting and irresistible.

Conclusion- Springtime allows you to go all experimental with drinks. The super-easy recipes discussed can create some magical cocktails. It is now a cakewalk for you to impress your party-guests. You can as well share these recipes with your friends and family and earn prodigious accolades. And do not forget to order your favorite liquors with the services of alcohol delivery in Calgary beforehand.


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