7 Reasons Why Beer is Good For You

You would definitely feel good if you learn that your most favorite beverage have some health benefits. A recent study revealed that beer has some features that are good for health. There is no doubt that many people across the world are fond of this drink and a few of them can do everything to get of sip of their favorite beverage, but only a few of them are aware of the health benefits of beer. In this article, we will talk about those facts that make the beer a healthy beverage, which could give you enough reasons to call your beer delivery service in Calgary.

Health Benefits Beer

Made of All Natural Properties

You might have heard some people saying that beer is a beverage comprised with additives and preservatives. However, you should know that beer is an all-natural product made of ingredients like orange juice or milk.

In addition, you must know that to bring flavor, beer does not need preservatives because the beer is already comprised with alcohol and hops that are already natural preservatives. In factories, it is cooked first, then fermented, filtered and then send for packages.

Beer is Safer than Water

If someone asks you not to drink water as it might be unsafe, you can call for some bottles from beer delivery service in Calgary without any hesitation. Manufacturers boil the beverage before brewing process and keep the liquid clean before sending for bottling. In addition, if you found it out of expiry date, it will still be much safer than water.

Beer Fights Inflammation

Have you ever thought from where the beer gets the bitter taste? The female flowers of hop plant provide the liquid a tangy and bitter taste. However, those buds are filled with bitter acid, which is a powerful inflammation fighter. According to scientists, biter acid helps in preventing viral respiratory infections.

Improve Digestion System

Several types of bitter acids available in the beverage help to improve digestion power. In a study conducted by Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, it has been revealed that biter acids help to release gastric acid from the stomach. Gastric acid plays a key role in the digesting system and controls the development of gut bacteria.

 Beer Restricts Heath Attacks

You might wonder why French people have a lower rate of heart disease. The fact is that French people sip beer with every food they eat in breakfast, lunch or dinner. We have heard that red wine is good for the heart because of its antioxidants properties. However, you will be glad to know that beer has the same amount of antioxidant as we find in red wine

Beer Fights Cancer

This is definitely the most beneficial feature of the beer. Hops add xanthohumol, a flavonoid in the beer that inhibits cancer. According to Oregon State University, xanthohumol has much more potent than soy that can prevent cancer from spreading.

Beer Does Not Contain Fat

A study revealed that people who drink beer on a daily basis do not develop beer bellies. Beer is a kind of drink that boosts your metabolism power and restrains you body from absorbing fats. Thus, drink it as much as you can.

The beer has been served with foods in several countries for hundreds of years and the health benefits of this beverage have been proven in several occasions. Thus, contact your beer delivery service in Calgary service and get the best quality products within a short period of time.

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