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Merry-making With Beer, the Perfect Drink For Revelry

Thinking of getting a bit tipsy? Want a drink that quenches your thirst with a minimum hangover? Then simply grab a bottle of beer. Also referred to a…

Calgary beer delivery

The Popularity of Canadian Beer & Its Impact on The Economy

What do you do when you want to get tipsy after a hectic day’s work? Down a peg or two of your favourite drink? Well, if you happen to be a Canadian…

Beer Delivery Calgary

Usher In The New Year With Calgary Beer Delivery Services

It is that time of the year when the Yuletide fever grips everyone and the air is soaked with the expectations of the oncoming New Year. In short, it …


Make The Most Of Your College Days By Bonding With Beer

College days are arguably the best days of life when you bond with friends that most of the time lasts a lifetime. Notwithstanding the pressures of se…

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Fun Facts about Beer Bottle Openers That You Should Know

What is that thing?
Hanging idly on the wall,
Ignored and forgotten?
You never feel its importance
Never consider it essential
Except when smitten
By …