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Execessive Drinking Effects

Alcohol and Its Long Term Effects

Years of excessive drinking can cause serious and permanent damage to your body. The extent and type of damage that drink causes depends on numerous f…


A Peg Of The Right Drink At The Right Time Makes Your Moment

You must have seen a lot of guys practically shedding tears over a peg of drink just because they have not got the drink of their choice at the right …

Smart Ways to Warm Yourself in the Cold Winter Season

The freezing cold winter can often be very unpleasant. During winter a lot of elderly people suffer from chronic illnesses, this is because with age p…

Happy New Year

Celebrate this New Year with Grand Style!

As another year unfurls itself,  it’s time to celebrate happiness in style! Liquor Delivery Calgary feels privileged to wish all of you a very…

Winter Festival

Best Fun-Filled Winter Activities for Calgary Families to Enjoy

There are a variety of outdoor as well as indoor activities for Calgary families to enjoy during the excellent winter season. For all travel enthusias…