Delving Deep into the World of Beer

To a number of drink enthusiasts, beer is the greatest creation of mankind. There are scores of specially crafted beers available all across the world, surpassing liquor and even wine in the amount and variety time and again.

World of Beer

Let’s have a discussion about many popular beer types as a detailed knowledge will help you start with your preferred flavor among many specific beer types.

The Basic Types

To get started the best way is to let you know about the two main categories under which all beers fall into. These two types are known as ales and lager beers. These types can be classified into many subcategories, but the major difference between the categories is the procedure of producing them. The world of beer is a complicated one and that’s exactly what all love about it, starting from the processes, the terminology, the brewing, the testing, and finally the tasting. For us, it’s all pleasing.


Ales are the oldest beverage humans have produced. This ancient type of beverage was around with the Egyptians and even further back. The process for ales includes fermenting the beer over a short period of time at comparatively warm temperatures. Initially, this was the only way to produce beer as ancient Egyptians were very thirsty people and they didn’t have refrigerators.

The yeast flocculates at the top of the fermentation tank when ales ferment. Usually, this beer type ferments best between 60 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. In general, ales do age more than a few weeks at around 40 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit, once fermentation is complete.

Between lagers and ales, ales are a more complex and flavorful beer. Normally, they are the slow-sippers with strong aromas and flavor and served at closer to room temperature. While it’s quite difficult to pair with food, a good pairing often is truly rewarding.


Compared to ales lager beers are relatively new, only some hundred years old. The process was invented when German brewers started aging beer in natural caves following the initial fermentation. What they discovered was a less complex, cleaner beer. Although, not too many brewers are still aging their beer in caves, the key difference between ales and lagers is the temperature.

From fermenting more aggressively, lagers’ yeast also tends to leave behind a residual sweetness. Once fermentation is complete, lagers age much longer than ales, over many months in time at a temperature of 32 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

We can simply say beer is produced by a process of malting and brewing. Hopefully, the above discussion will give you an overview of beer-making process. Now is the time to pamper your taste buds with some excellent beer and for this you can simply avail fast and affordable beer delivery services.

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