Get The Delivery of The Best Canadian Spirits In Calgary

Spirits can be the right type of drinks to lift your spirits. Their strong taste often leading to a hangover is why liquor aficionados fall for them. When it comes to the tipplers in Canada, there is no dearth of people who choose the hard and strong rum, gin or vodka over the more milder liquor forms. Let’s find out the best brands of spirits in Canada that have given the tipplers a reason to get tipsy.


Bluenose Rum: Contrary to its name, the drink has a dark hue with a fair sprinkling of molasses or should we say, the distillation process involves a large quantity of molasses. Add to that the flavours of spices like clove and you get a hard hitting beverage to be relished with ham or bacon. And yes, don’t forget to add some ice crystals to your peg of Bluenose.

Cucumber Gin: Enjoy this drink dry with notes of Cucumber coming through as you sip. The micro distilled drink leaves a spicy taste for you to savour and comes from the Long Island Distillery at Vancouver.

Dill Pickle Vodka: The dirty martini has dollops of Cucumber pickles but in the correct ratio to not let it taste like brine or vinegar. The drink made by the Last Mountain Distillery is clear and well bodied, and needs to be tasted in a smaller quantity to get the best notes.

Haskap Gin: The red spirit made by Steinhart distillery contains the aromatic Haskap berry primarily found in the regions of Okanagan, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia. It should be savoured with club soda and lemon juice poured into little crystals of ice.

Horlika Vodka: If you want to taste the hotness of Mexican chillies along with the sweetness of Saskatchewan honey, then Horlika Vodka from Lucky Bastard distillers should be your choice. This particular Canadian drink comes with elevated flavours when compared to the similar one from Ukraine.

Sea Buckthorn Liqueur: Made by Okanagan Spirits, this liqueur acquires its pronounced acidic notes from the orange berries. It should be used sparingly, say after having your dinner.

Spiced Rum: This product of Chic Choc distillery from Cowansville, QC packs a punch or two vis-a-vis its counterparts due to the presence of aromatic spices like wild angelica, lovage root, and green alder.

White Rye: Not among the mass consumed drink, this spirit made by Dillion distillers from Beamsville, Ontario contains the corn rye. The rye used in this drink is made to age in barrels for a small period leading to its distinct flavour.

Spring Equinox Vodka: Produced by the Eau Claire distillery, the spirit acquires its taste from the prickly pear cacti. The flavour induced vodka is best savoured with soda and ice to get the feel of being present amidst melting snow.

Sweet Vermouth: The drink’s flavour comes from the Viognier grapes and caramelized sugar fortified with active malt. Made by the Odd Society Spirits, Vancouver, the drink stands out for its exquisite flavour.


The best Canadian spirits consisting of rum, vodka and gin are known for their strong flavour and spicy aftertaste. Get these from the liquor delivery services in Calgary at cost effective rates.

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