Healthy Fast Food Ideas to Enhance Your Office Lunch

Office lunches can be tricky. Sometimes they boost you up for another 5 or 6 hours and sometimes they completely turn you off. Falling asleep on your desk is a big No-No. But, Alas! You cannot devour lots of protein in your lunch for the fear of those congregating on your thighs and abdomen. So, what can you possibly do to keep everything balanced? Well, have you thought about fast food? They are quick and incredibly effective when you have a client meeting or a presentation immediately after lunch and, you cannot afford more than 30 minutes for gulping down your lunch. It needs to be mentioned here, that all fast food items are not packed with calories. If you choose intelligently, office lunches will be a breeze. Moreover, you need not go to the fast food chains to have lunch. You can easily order the food directly to your office canteen from a reputed food delivery service in Calgary.

The True Meaning of Healthy Fast Food:

First of all, you need to understand what the term “Healthy Fast Food” actually stand for. Generally, these food items are lower in calories, sodium, sugar, and no trans fat but higher in proteins. Of course, it is not always possible to keep a tab on the right amount of ingredients in a specific food item but it is better to gain adequate knowledge regarding the supplier so you can predict how much health benefits they provide. Recently, several fast food delivery services have popped up everywhere in Canada that delivers your order from eminent fast food suppliers to anywhere you want. You can select one such service provider to make your lunches hassle-free.

Food Ideas to Enhance Lunch

Some Fast Food Suppliers that Satisfy Your Palate without Jeopardizing Your Health


  • McDonald’s – If you are seeking a burst of protein, McDonald’s can be your best bet. Their Nuggets and Grilled Chicken Sandwiches have a high protein content but relatively low fat and sodium. One Grilled Sandwich or 6 Nuggets can keep your stomach satisfied for another 5-6 hours.

  • Subway – One of the best things about Subway is, they allow you to customize your order. You can easily put more veggies and cut out the cheese if you want to keep it healthy. Two most palatable dishes at Subway are 6” Oven Roasted Chicken Breast and 6” Veggie Delight which is vegan with low calories and 0 cholesterol. There, you got your lunch for a healthy day!

  • Burger King – You have to be a little careful about what you order from this famous fast food supplier. This is because a number of their burgers contain trans fat and it is not at all healthy. However, their salads are pretty good and you can opt for them without burning a hole in your pocket.

If you do not get adequate time for lunching outside, you can easily order your food from one of the fastest delivery services in Calgary. That way both your time and fuel will be saved. Have a great lunch!

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