Relish Sumptuous Food On The Occasion Of Thanksgiving

The festival of Thanksgiving brings in its wake joy, fervor, and exuberance in abundance. The occasion gives you the chance to prepare the best food and impress your near and dear ones. Although the typical Thanksgiving menu more or less remains the same, you can look for ‘different’ dishes to perk up the day as well. Why end up eating the same stuff year after year when you can rustle up mouth watering dishes at home. Moreover, should you have guests at your place on the festive occasion, it is more the reason for you to be choosy with your dishes.

However, before getting into the menu, let us first understand the significance of this great festival. It reminds us to be thankful for all things around us that we more or less take for granted. These include the happy lives we lead, the roof over our heads, and the tasty food we consume day in and day out among others. Thanksgiving gives us an opportunity to be grateful to nature and the people around us who have made our lives joyful. Now, it is time to delve into the delicious food that you can cook and acknowledge the role of your near and dear ones in making your life complete. And should you find it difficult to arrange the food, make use of the food delivery service in Calgary.

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The Thanksgiving Menu to Savour

1. Stuffed Turkey: Arguably the most important food to savour during the festival. The turkey is stuffed with ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, bread, sausages, herbs etc and is seasoned to get the desired aroma. Thereafter, the stuffed turkey is roasted to make it juicy and delicious. Remember, you should have the requisite skills to turn the turkey juicy, for the dry one can be difficult to savour.

2. Mashed Potatoes: Boil and peel the potatoes followed by mashing them into a soft mixture. Do not forget to add butter, garlic or even milk to make it mouth watering.

3. Gravy: The meat like turkey, while being cooked, gives out juices. These can be added to the mashed potatoes or used as gravy in the form of an accompaniment.

4. Cranberry Sauce: The juicy turkey can be relished with Cranberry sauce. Its sweet and tangy flavour can send you into raptures. You can make such juice by boiling a mixture of Cranberries, lemon, sugar, and water.

5. Corn: Like turkey, corn too forms an integral part of Thanksgiving. You can eat it in the form of a corn bread or as grilled and creamed corn.

6. Green Bean Casserole: This mouth watering stew comprises mushroom soup, fried onions and beans.

7. Candied Yams: Also known as sweet potatoes, the Yams can be baked, mashed or turned into a casserole by adding spices and butter. This sweet dish can almost look like candies to be relished with other accompanying dishes.


The occasion of Thanksgiving allows us to be grateful for whatever we are in possession of. The mouth watering dishes (including the ones mentioned above) can be prepared without much effort. However, should you be pressed for time, availing the food delivery service in Calgary can be an option.

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