Some Popular Types Of Pizzas You Must Try

Born in Italy, developed around the world. You guessed it right; it’s pizza, the extremely popular dish that the world loves to eat. We all have come across different pizza stores in our localities or in other places while traveling. Most of us have also tried different styles of pizza either from a local store or a pizza delivery service in Calgary. As a fact, most people do not experiment with food often, especially when it comes to pizzas. This is because they are sceptical about the flavours and tastes of all the different pizzas available around the world.


In a 10th-century Latin manuscript, the term Pizza was first mentioned and since then the dish has evolved into different styles. Modern-day pizzas are available in different styles with a large choice of ingredients. Some of the pizzerias also offer custom toppings options so that you can create your own style of pizza. If you want to order pizza from Calgary pizza delivery service, you will come across various options that you might not be aware of. For all the foodies and the pizza enthusiasts, a list of different styles of pizza is furnished below. Let us take a look:

  • Neapolitan Pizza - It is actually the original pizza that originated from Italy. This dish dates back to the 18th century when pizza was first created in Naples. This food became popular to lots of popular including the poor. This food was exactly suitable for everyone as it contained everything required in food while being easy to eat and on top of that, it was quite affordable for everyone.
  • Chicago Style Pizza - This type of pizza is either called Chicago pizza or deep-dish pizza. This type of pizza was invented by Ike Sewell and he purposefully refrained from copying Neapolitan pizza. What he did was raise a boundary along the edge and made the crust thicker.
  • New York Style Pizza - Some say the dough tastes unique due to New York’s tap water. This is just another variation of Neapolitan pizza but has a different taste altogether.
  • Sicilian Pizza - This type of pizza is also known as the ‘sfincione’ pizza. It is characterised by and thick and fluffy dough that is actually cut from a pan pizza. The crust is always crunchy topped with tomato sauce above a layer of cheese.
  • Greek Pizza - A group of Greek immigrants experimented and came up this kind of pizza after settling in America. The speciality of Greek pizza is that the crust is chewy with a nearly fried bottom.
  • Puck’s Smoked Salmon Pizza - This type of pizza originated from Beverly Hills in the year 1980. This type of pizza is characterised a crisp crust with dill-infused creme fraiche spread on top. Other toppings include smoked salmon.

Conclusion – These are the most common types of pizza enjoyed by a large number of people all over the world. If you want to taste different types of pizza while sitting in your home, avail pizza delivery in Calgary. Pizza delivery service has got several benefits and you can enjoy mouth-watering pizza delivered to your doorstep. In order to taste all these, order pizza today.


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