Taking Care of Wine in Summer – Things to Know

There is no doubt that increasing global temperature has become the most important concern for everyone. In fact, scientists have predicted that heat waves will be a more common factor in the coming years. However, along with other commodities, heat is the most common cause for wine damages and you should know that wine could lose its flavor permanently, if it is kept in a temperature above70 degree Fahrenheit. Overheat not only damages the flavor of wine, but makes it sour and jammy. In addition, excess heat damages the seal of a bottle that can lead to oxidization problem. In this article, we will talk about how you could keep wine safe from the summer conditions.

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Do not Leave Liquor in your Car for Long

You will be amazed to know that the temperature of the trunk of your can reach above 100 degree Fahrenheit in summer and your wine could not bear the heat and start to cook within a few minutes. Here are some ways that you can follow to keep your wine safe when it is in the car.

  • Try to keep wine at the back seat of your car
  • Drive your car direct to your home from the wine shop
  • Avoid day time to purchase wine from the shop
  • Make sure it is cold enough while purchasing

Ensure that the Wine was Preserved Nicely in the Store

Wine can be damaged even before you buy it. The life and the quality of wine depend on how shops are handling the product right after receiving it. If pallets of wine are left in open sunlight for several minutes, the heat can start the process of slow cooking. Thus, whenever you purchase wine, make sure it was kept in favorable conditions. You can also choose a reputed service of liquor delivery in Calgary AB because the chance of receiving damaged wine is almost nil with such a service.

Know the Temperature of your House

If the heat is scorching outside, your home temperature will be affected by it. Although, your air conditioning system can keep the temperature of your rooms normal, but at the same time, you have to make sure that there is no fluctuation in the temperature and the air conditioning system is working properly. If possible, try to keep wine in basement or in a refrigerator and never think about keeping it attic or garage.

Leave Bottles Indoors while Dining Outdoors

There is no doubt that sitting in a poolside with glasses filled with wine is the best way to spend your leisure time. However, you have to understand the fact the heat of the sunlight can start to cook your wine. If you have taken the liquor in a dark glass, it will succumb more heat, because dark glass can act like a lance and heat up your win more rapidly. Thus, keep your bottle in a room or in a shadowed area so that you can taste the best of it.

Thus, buying a bottle of wine also brings a responsibility, which is to properly save it from damage in the summer.

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