Tips to Discover If a Bottle of Wine is Corked or Faulty

With a technologically advanced and growing focus on wine bottles and, tellingly, their corks and caps, it is sometimes assumed that ‘corked wine’ was a thing of the past. However, it is not really the case as faulty or corked wines still usually occur, from glasses poured in the best restaurants to shop-bought bottles. Corked wines have tainted aroma with the taste of a vintage to unsought levels.

Bottle of Wine - Corked or Faulty

In spite of the availability of fine, high-tech, climate controlled wine cabinets nowadays, faulty wines remain a problem. Let’s check out some certain subtle ways to identify if your bottle is impaired.

According to the latest market research, just 3% of wines are corked, in place of the one-fifth from 10 years ago. That lesser percentage is still higher than it should be, though, and there are several signs and revealing characteristics of an impaired wine that you must look out for.


Aroma has always been the apparent indicator of corked liquor. Sometimes, the smell can be so distasteful that it can prevent the wine enthusiasts from taking a drink. Hence, you should take a sniff of your alcohol once it has been opened. You are scanning for a moldy or stale scent, one that would be instantly recognizable irrespective of whether or not you are acquainted with the label.

Things may seem a little difficult, if you have chosen an off-the-wall alcohol of an unconventional nature, or may be a classic you have never tasted before. An aged Riesling, for instance, may have petrol like aroma which seems to be attractive to some and unpleasant to others, but that is the way it is produced. If you are trying out with a new wine, it can be best to verify the tasting notes ahead of time.


Flat-tasting or tired wines are indicative of a problem that needs to be reported. However a wide array of wines is produced to give clues of other alcoholic drinks, for example, cider, especially whites. You should be made aware of this when placing your order, as even the avant-garde wine is not produced to take you off-guard.

As it is February, the month of love, hopefully this discussion will help you spoil your darling wine enthusiast perfectly. Know your favorite wine properly and also try experimenting with some new flavor with affordable, efficient and fast wine delivery Calgary at your service.

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