Top Whiskeys Available with Liquor Delivery Calgary

Top Whiskeys available with Liquor Delivery Calgary

Is your life getting bland with tedious work schedules and the constant pressure of deadlines? To break the monotony, you can always chalk out a party plan with your friends. If you are finding it difficult to pick out the perfect drink for your hang out party, we suggest you choose whiskey, the smooth and rich alcoholic beverage. In this connection, let us share with you that Liquor Delivery Calgary can bring at your doorstep a vast range of whiskeys from the finest distilleries. You can simply pick your phone and place an order of your favorite whiskey with them. Most importantly, do not harbor the wrong idea that you got to stick to only one kind of whiskey while ordering. You, friend, have an upper hand to choose from different types of whiskeys that the delivery service brings to you.

Here are the top 6 whiskeys you can order and savor with friends

1. Bourbon- This sweet and smoky drink has originated primarily from Kentucky in the US. Produced from corn, Bourbon is conventionally stored in charred oak barrels for no less than two years to get its ideal taste and feel. The beverage is also free from artificially flavorful and color additives. Of course, you can mix water to adjust the level of smokiness you want in your drink.

2. Rye Whiskey- Do you have a penchant for spicy flavors? Then, Rye whiskey could be your perfect pick. It might sound surprising but rye, a grass type, is used to prepare this whiskey. You can call liquor delivery services in Calgary to receive this crispy flavored drink at your home. With the swift delivery personnel at help, you can stay assured of the timely service. You have no reason to get flustered any more, do you?

3. Scotch Whisky- Taking a cue from the name itself, one can already guess that this whiskey type comes exclusively from Scotland. It is churned from malted barley and has to be aged for three years in oak casks. This smoky beverage is irresistible, to say the least. Simply hand a glass of this earthy drink to each of your friends and watch their faces light up in no time.

4. Irish Whiskey- Are you up for a smoother drink? You can give Irish whiskey a try for sure. Made from a mash of yeast-fermented grains of malted cereals, this whiskey carries a lesser tinge of sweetness. The perfect balance of smokiness, smoothness, and sweetness in Irish whiskey makes this drink an ideal to set the right mood for any hang out session.

5. Tennessee Whiskey- Yes, you got it right. Tennesse whiskey is manufactured in Tennesse, US. Its corn percentage varies anywhere between 50 to 70 percent. Although Tennessee whiskey is a variation of Bourbon, it undergoes a different distillation process, known as Lincoln County. Would you like to relish this flavorful drink? Place your order with Liquor Delivery Calgary. They serve liquors in Calgary and its surrounding areas of SE, SW, NE, NW.

6. Japanese- The production of Japanese whiskey was initially inspired from the Scotch. However, the drink has now earned recognition for its distinct attributes. Made from peated barley, this drink is unique for its drier flavor. Are you yet to taste this alcoholic beverage? You still have the chance to try it out. Simply give Liquor Delivery Calgary a call to receive chilled whiskeys at your convenient location.

Conclusion- Whiskeys are one of the popular spirits around the world. Interestingly enough, not every person out there knows how one whiskey is different from another. As it is never too late to learn, you can give our list of top 6 whiskeys a read to know about this liquor.


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