Why you should Drink Beer in Right Temperature?

You might have tasted beer on several occasions or you might be a regular drinker, but are you aware of the fact that the temperature of the drink matters a lot to your enjoyment? One can drink beer almost anytime, but drinking it in the right temperature can simply double up the taste of your beverage. If you really love to drink your beer at it best flavor and taste, then you should not drink it at colder than 42 degree Fahrenheit, because a beer in room temperature losses it optimal flavor range when poured into a chilled glass.

Drink Beer in Right Temperature

Next time, when you order your drink from a beer delivery service in Calgary, make sure you drink it in right temperature. Quality beers should be served at the right environment. Otherwise, it may offer you the taste of an ordinary one. In this article, we will talk about some important facts that will help you to avail the right taste of your quality beer.

Avoid Drinking Beer that is too Cold

Many people love to drink chilled beer, because they believe that beer offer its best taste in colder temperature, while the fact is icy temperature simply damages the real flavor of the beverage. Just like chilled temperature spoils the real flavor of a fine white wine it similarly affects a fine craft beer.

Right Temperature for Bottled Craft Beer

If you place you beer bottles at service temperature, which is near about 70 degree Fahrenheit for a short period, then it will not damage its taste. However, for perfect beer presentation, experts recommend three temperature zones and the interesting fact is these three categories are applicable for wines too. These three categories are designed to ensure the optimum serving temperature that can provide the opportunity for drinkers to avail the real taste of their beverage. The three categories are:

  • Cold but not colder than 41 degree Fahrenheit- applicable for light beers, wines and champagne
  • Chilled but not more than 46 degree Fahrenheit- applicable for craft beer and white wine
  • ┬áStored in around 53 degree Fahrenheit- applicable for richly flavored beer and red wine

Monitor Through Proper Thermometer

If you want to keep or serve your beer in right temperature, then you should not only rely on thermostat dial marking, because such feature often provides wrong information. It will be better to use a NSF calibrated thermometer to observe real temperature of the beer.

Guidelines for Draught Beer Service

Draught beer is quite different from bottled beer and many manufacturers of this beverage recommend serving it at 38 degree Fahrenheit for optimum performance. Whether they are strong or light, draught beer should be served at the right temperature for its best taste.

This temperature measurement poses a challenge for restaurants that are concerned about the service temperature of craft beer. If they serve the draught beer without its recommended temperature, then their customers would not get the right taste of their preferred beverage

Now, when you will call your favorite beer delivery service in Calgary, you will have the idea of asking for preferred temperature for your chosen beer.

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