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Wine as Gifts Guarantees To Strike Gold

Is there such a saying as ‘bad holiday bottle’? Nah! Wines fill your heart with love and glass with joy. Besides, there are wines which can stand tall to the idea of a sophisticated gift, irrespective of the occasion. If you wish to present a gift for your loved one, go ahead! It’s easy enough to grasp a decent bottle of wine at the liquor store around the corner, but if you really want to wow someone, you will probably have to stumble upon a fine liquor shop that not just offers varieties of wines but also delivers your gift basket to the address you want.

Wine Delivery Service Calgary

However, before you place your order here is a guide to help you decide which wine to gift whom and on what occasions.

1.  The Classic Red – A classic red wine basket comprising Merlot; Syrah and Californian Cabernet Sauvignon, will certainly add zing to any celebration.

Whom to Gift: Brothers or father-in-laws

Occasion: Perfect for chit chat party on Friday evening in your lawn or terrace.

2.  The Sweet Tooth – Sweet red wines like Late Harves or Fortified Wines and sweet white wines like Noble Rot or Ice Wine are perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth. With harmonious arrangement, the gift package is guaranteed to make an everlasting impression.

Whom to Gift: Sweet aunts and ice-cream lovers

Occasion: Ideal for thanksgiving ceremony, 25th marriage anniversary and can be served as dessert after any family get together.

3.  The Delicious Clever Red – Why clever? Because these red wines from France and Italy are made of very high-quality old vine Grenache grapes, oak- aged and strongly appeal to those whose tastes swerve towards Europe.

Whom to Gift: Red wine lovers whose taste you do not know. It gives a broad appeal.

Occasion: No hard and fast rule, but a beautifully decorated basket of clever red will serve as an ideal gift for wedding or formal occasions. You can count on a trusted liquor company that offers wine delivery service in Calgary.

4.  The Easy but Classy White – Strong flavors of green apple, citrus fruits, gooseberry, pear and goodness of natural ingredients call for big celebrations.

Whom to Gift: Know any white wine lover whose taste you don’t know? Gift it to him/ her.

Occasion: Any festive season like Christmas, Easter or New Year can be made bigger with a tall glass of white wine. Easy yet classy!

5.  Sparkling Bubbly - Rose Champagne, Prosecco or red wine all set to fizz your way! Whether sipped with pasta or toasted among buddies, these assortments of sparklers will lift your spirit by tickling your taste buds. So, it’s worth toasting with sparkling wines.

Whom to Gift: Friends and close buddies who have invited you to be a part of their success party.

Occasion: Parties, night out, friendly meets, toasting to success… you really do not need an occasion to open a bottle of sparkling wine and raise a glass.

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